Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Way back When-esday: Happy Birthday!

Datelines: Easter 2009 and Christmas 2009
Age: 11 months and 1 1/2

Yesterday was my Dad's 73rd birthday and today is my niece, and Jill's Godmother, Lorren's 21st (ah remember 21?).

I like to credit my super surprise birth for keeping my Dad young at heart, he tends to disagree and claims that my arrival brought on all his gray hair. He also refers to his hair as an Indian headdress and that each hair is like a war feather. I can neither confirm, nor deny, at this time the amount, if any, feathers I contributed to said headdress. I really did luck out in the Dad department though, he is definitely someone I call about anything and always know he will listen.

Lorren, ooooooh Lorren (and it's pronounced Lo-Wren, like Sophia Loren, not Lauren), I remember her being born. I had to scrub all the way up to my elbows in the hospital to even hold her. She's always been like more of a sister to me, trust me we had the big/little sister fights to prove it. I cannot believe she's already 21, it makes me feel so old.

I hope both of you had and are having a great birthday!

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Annie said...

Great memories!!!

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