Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The weekend with the epic fails

We had a couple epic fails this weekend, and by weekend I mean Saturday. For like two weeks Notre Dame was predicted to go to the Champs Bowl here in Orlando. Can you imagine my excitement? So Saturday Scott ordered the tickets and I was pumped. Then Sunday happened and it was announced that Notre Dame would be going to the Sun Bowl in Texas. Right.... FAIL!

In a related story, anyone want Champs Bowl tickets?

So onto the next fail of the weekend I ordered Scott's Christmas present on Thursday. Being the awesome shopper that I am I saved something crazy like 80% on this gift and got free 2 day shipping to boot. Well do the math, the package was coming on Saturday, his day off. I thought I was in the clear when he went to help his Dad set up the tree but no....no....FedEx came 5 minutes after he came home and I was drying my hair. What's better you ask? It was in the manufacturer's box. I'm still making him wait until Christmas though, but I'm pretty sure he has pulled up the manual and knows all the ins and outs of the present. FAIL!

And the final fail of the weekend? I realized I didn't own National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I should be disowned from my family. No worries though, picked it up at Target last night. FAIL averted!

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