Monday, January 24, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday and the Weekend that is Finally Over

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Normally I am not excited about the weekend being over, but I'll tell ya what, I am so glad it's Monday. Our weekend started out perfect, maybe too perfect? We got our new stroller on Friday and were ready to break it in on Saturday at Animal Kingdom. The kids had runny noses, but nothing severe, no fevers, no coughs, we were golden. So off we went to Animal Kingdom.

Aaron was pretty much content when we rode the tram. This kid loves Disney transportation and would ride it all day. It's a boy thing, right? Anyway, we literally walked right on to the safari and saw all of the animals. After that we grabbed some lunch and the kiddos were excited to sit like big kids at the table.

We did some of the nature walks and went on a the dinosaur ride in Dinoland. Jill loves that ride, Aaron could care less. After that we stopped by to see Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger.

Both of the kids were so excited in line and kept talking about them. They could barely contain their excitement until we actually got face to face with them. Then it was like they wanted nothing to do with them. Naturally, as we were leaving Jill started waving, blowing kisses and yelling "Bye! See you soon!!!". Awesome.

Since it was still early in the day and the kids were holding up really well we decided to go to EPCOT to see Mulan, who is Jill's favorite princess of the moment. Aaron wanted nothing to do with her when we got there so he opted out of the photo. Jill was so excited when she saw her in line and then became extremely shy when it was our turn. She gave Mulan her figurine to show her and then they talked about how in person Mulan wears a flower in her hair but the figurine doesn't have one. It was pure perfection. (And also the most perfect Mommy and Me Monday photo, ever!)

Then after we got home from our fun day we noticed Jill was running a fever. It came literally out of nowhere. One minute she was cool and the next she had a temp of 102.7. We gave her some Motrin, stripped her to her diaper and hoped it would go down. I knew something was up, I felt it in the pit of my stomach. Somehow Mom always knows. Scott was sitting next to her and Aaron and when I looked over she was seizing. This is the third time she's had a febrile seizure, this time she vomited which threw me for a loop. We went through our routine, Scott called his parents, went next door to get the neighbors (who by the way are awesome and I am so thankful to have such amazing neighbors!) and I called 911. Normally I'm pretty calm with the 911 operator, but this one.....if I had to confirm my street name by spelling one more time I was going to jump through the phone. So I calmly told her I wasn't going to confirm for the 4th time and that she needed to dispatch someone 2 minutes ago 'k thanks.

I cannot express how great Lake/Sumter fire rescue is. They are really good about keeping you calm and reassuring you about everything. It was nice we could even sit and joke outside before leaving for the hospital.

What we ended up finding out is that Jill has the beginning of an ear infection and that's what caused the fever, and since it spiked that's why she had the seizure again. Thankfully this is not something that is contagious so Aaron should be good. It's definitely been a long tiring weekend and I'm so glad Jill is on the mend (no fever as of this morning!) and that we can get back to normal.

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Miss Megan said...

How scary! I hope Jill feels better soon, and that it was only the start of an ear infection and not something worse. I agree, TGIM after your weekend!!

chubskulit said...

Awww such a fun-filled weekend, great pics!

My Mommy & Me4 post, hope you can drop by. Have a great week!

Jessica Jones, ATL Mom of 3 said...

Love the picture! My daughter is learning Chinese in school and LOVES Mulan!

So sorry to hear about the oldest had fever induced seizures up until he was 4 then they stopped...I can remember how scary they were and fevers STILL scare me!

1 Special Family said...

Glad you got in so much fun before Jill got sick. Also hope the antibiotics kick in quickly! Know you are counting down the days until she outgrows those seizures! Very scary! Hope all is well soon!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

You have tons of fun phots shared with us today. thanks.

Janet Rose said...

A fun but exhausting weekend, indeed. Hope your daughter is feeling better and your nerves have settled down a bit. 911 calls are so stressful (I've made a few of my own). Hope the week turns out to be a great one of more fun and loads of healing.

Krystyn said...

It does sound like it started out great.

How scary with the seizure, but I'm glad you know what caused it and hopefully, the antibiotics for the infection clear it up asap.

Do they usually grow out of these types of seizures?

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