Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Honor of Valentine's Day

I love any occasion that inspires you to look back on how you met your spouse. Valentine's Day is definitely one of those occasions, so much so that I made it the QOTW at Multiples and More. I love reading how other people met because 9 times out of 10 you meet under the most random circumstances.

Scott and I met in January 2003 at my first day of orientation at the Magic Kingdom. Scott was the coordinator of training at the time and my group was his last pick up because he was becoming a manager the next week. We both still remember what the other was wearing that day.

Like I said he became my manager a week later and therefore we were friends. One night he asked if I wanted to walk the last family out with him, naturally I jumped at the chance. You could not ask for a more romantic setting, it was just us inside Cinderella's Castle talking with nobody else in sight. It was perfect until his radio went off about some construction worker chopping off his finger with his toolbox and he had to leave me with an old security guy. Not romantic.

We both dated other people until September of 2004 but we always had a thing for each other. The rest is history and here we are 7 years later with two beautiful children. I could not think of a better end to this story. I loved him the moment I met him and I love him even more today, he truly is the perfect Valentine.


Cheryl Lage said...

Ain't love grand? I met my Scott at work, too! Both in video post production...a field wherein there are LOTS of crazy hours, and lots of after work get-togethers late night. Friends for many months and one night, entirely unexpectedly, he kissed me. It was like in those movie scenes when you see your life flash before your eyes...all the happy fun times we'd had, and a whole new set of eyes to view them through!

Happy Valentine's Day, Amanda and Scott!

Safire said...

What a cute story! And so romantic...until the guy cut his finger off. But the romance must have been enough! Thanks for sharing.

Holly Ann said...

I love your last line of this post, especially! How beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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