Monday, April 18, 2011


I took the kiddos to the library today, we haven't been in what seems like forever. I also happened to plan it perfectly and it was not crowded. I envisioned sitting around the table playing with the puzzles, reading books, fun things like that. That's so not what happened.

We were barely in the kids section when Jill spotted her victim, a poor defenseless woman sitting in a chair with a book. Jill ran up, grabbed another book and asked her to read to her. The poor woman never saw her coming. Thankfully she was really nice (I have a feeling she's a teacher) and read Jill a story. I think Jill believes that anyone sitting in a chair in the library is at her beckon call to read a story to her. Apparently my voice doesn't cut it anymore.

This experience has also led me to believe that we need to work a little harder on the whole stranger-danger concept.

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