Sunday, April 17, 2011

About this potty training thing....

I don't know what I was thinking trying to potty train the kids before we go to Chicago. I've been making myself, and therefore them, crazy the past two days. This being said, we're done until we get back.

Jill did really well yesterday and only had one major accident, but she is not anywhere near ready when it comes to naps and bedtime. Aaron could really care less and holds it until bedtime and then he's soaked. When we get back we're going to start following the 3 Day Potty Training system and see what happens.

Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone!


Souza Sisters said...

I don't blame you for waiting till you get back from vacation.

We bought the 3 day program. I know quite a few people who had success with it. For us it didn't work so great. But I think it was mostly because I did it by myself. We really should of waited until my husband had some time off to do it. I used some of her methods. It's very intense.

Sean Patrick and Emma Jane said...

I just let my two do it when they were ready to do it (3 1/2 yrs old). It was so easy when they were ready lol! I "tried" so hard before that and made myself absolutely nuts. So I gave up until we went to an open house for pre-school. I told them they couldn't go to school unless they went on the potty. And that worked :) I can't believe I stressed so much about it - then they just did it in one day pretty much by themselves.

Good luck and have fun on vacation!!

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