Saturday, April 16, 2011

Potty Training Day 1

There are days when I wonder if I've completely fallen off my rocker, and yesterday my friends, was one of those days. When I woke up I told myself I'm going to potty train these two kids! I'm pretty sure I was delirious by the time Scott got home from work.

Day one went as well as it could have gone I suppose. We went through 8 pairs of underwear (6 for her 2 for him) and had a few accidents. At a certain point it dawned on me that they are just holding it until they get a diaper at nap and bedtime. Jill did manage to go on the potty last night before bed, which at that point was the most exciting part of my day. I think when it comes down to it she needed to see for herself that it's ok to go on the potty.

I'm hoping today goes better and that I keep some of my sanity.


Souza Sisters said...

After the first day I cried. It was awful. By the third Charlotte got it and never looked back. Maggie was there by the 5th day. It has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I would rather be up every 3 hours feeding infants again then to potty train!! Good luck! The end result is so worth the "pain"!!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Are you using any certain "methodology"...something from a particular parenting book?

A month ago yesterday, Baby A told me she needed to go potty (completely out of the blue!). I sat her down, and she went! I have been just letting the girls go on the potty when they ask to...sometimes they have success, but oftentimes they don't. I'm ready to move to the next step, as it doesn't feel like we're making much progress (other than getting them used to the concept).

There are so many different "methodologies" out can definitely be intimidating!

Good luck to you and J & A! Looking forward to hearing how it goes!!!

Holly Ann said...

I wish you the best! Potty training came so easily to my son, but my daughter still drives me crazy. She turned 3 back in December and she continues to avoid that potty like the plague. I am at my wits end. I sure hope it's an easier road for you!

Christina said...

You know, we were going to do the 3 day training too, but we didn't and I'm so glad we did. We just started introducing the potties to them around 18 months, and went from there. Alex started earlier then Abby, but she was doing good then backed off again and went to diapers. I think we were pushing her to much. Anyway, one day Alex decided she wanted to use the potty, and she did, and didn't look back. We had some trouble with leaving the house and getting her comfortable in undies, but she's fine now. Abby didn't want anything to do with the potty until last weekend. She decided it was her time! Yesterday she was in a pull-up or undies the entire day. =)
Don't rush it, I think they will do it when they are ready!! good luck too!

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