Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Be Our Guest

Yesterday we met up with my niece and her friend at Hollywood Studios. Since we got there early we were able to snag some dinner and go to Muppetvision 3D and the Beauty and the Beast show, or as the kids call it, the Belle show. Both of them LOVE this show and it's the first thing they ask to do when we get into the parking lot, yeah not even the park, the parking lot.

We stopped at the little bake shop, Sweet Spells, and got them each a Nemo cookie before going in. Note to self here, and an obvious one at that, iced cookies in 95+ degree heat (without the humidity) is not a smart move, they had orange everywhere. They loved the cookies though and made them swim before taking a big bite, which is slightly disturbing....

They loved the show, they always do, and Aaron was actually in the aisles dancing along and when everyone clapped at the end of 'Be our Guest' he even took a bow, I love that kid!

After the show we met up with Lorren and Maggie and just us girls went on The Great Movie Ride, Aaron for some reason had no desire to go on. Maybe he was tired from his performance? Jill is loving being with the girls and had a great time on the ride, which this photo does not show:

We left after the ride since we're not cool kids like the girls and were not able to stay for extra hours. Everyone seems to be having an awesome time and I'm so glad we're getting to spend some time with them!

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