Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've got cabin fever

Sorry for the lack of posting on here, things, obviously, have been busy. I finally get my splints out tomorrow and will find out what the rest of my recovery plan is. My nose seems to be healing fine and is only slightly swollen. My MOM has kindly reminded me that I, in fact, inherited my Father's nose. She also said this when my nose was fully swollen, so what does that say about my Dad's nose? Exactly....

I cannot wait to get the all clear from the doctor tomorrow because seriously I'm suffering from cabin fever like you would not believe. I like my house and all but when the highlight of my day is walking to get the mail, that's a problem. Plus the kids are getting some serious cabin fever as well. Hopefully we will be able to start doing things tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

If you haven't yet, check out the new Multiples and More site, I'm seriously in love! Hope all is well by you!

1 comment:

Missy said...

You hang in there sweet lady : ) I know it has to be tough. I am the worst patient.

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