Monday, July 11, 2011

GoGo SqueeZ

The kiddos got to try GoGo Squeez, the first squeezable, re-sealable, 100 percent fruit applesauce in the U.S. GoGo Squeez comes in 5 different flavors, apple apple, apple strawberry, apple banana, apple cinnamon, and apple peach. Each flavor is gluten and dairy free and is also Kosher certified.

I have to say I love this product. Applesauce is a tricky thing sometimes because a lot of companies add extra sugar to something that has a decent amount of sugar already. I never understood that, apples are sweet enough on their own, they don't need added sugar. I'm glad GoGo Squeez understood that too. The highest sugar content is 12g, which for applesauce, is pretty awesome. The lowest amount of sugar is the Apple Cinnamon with 9g.

I also love that this comes in a pouch, similar to a juice box. Translation for us parents, no mess. Plus, if they don't finish it all in one sitting you can reseal it and put in the fridge for later.

The kiddos really seemed to like these. We've tried pouch applesauce before, but I don't think they understood the concept. Of the flavors they really seemed to like the apple cinnamon and the apple strawberry the best. They usually ask for it as a snack after naps, which in my opinion is awesome that they choose this over crackers or Goldfish.

Another great thing about this product? You can search on their website to see where it's sold near you! Thankfully, pretty much every store near me has it so we will never be without it!

Thank you again to the awesome people at GoGo Squeez for letting us try this product.

Have you ever tried GoGo Squeez?


Jayme said...

My boys LOVE GoGo SqueeZ! Our grocery store started putting individual pouches near the candy stuff at check out and they cry for it when we're shopping- and I'm glad to give it to them :)

Cheryl Lage said...

SOOOOO healthy and such a fun means to dispense into hungry little twin mouths! The only drawback for us is the expense...they're a bit more pricey than we typically like to spend for snacks, but they are a YUMMY (and Mommy approved) treat here, too!

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