Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Three Day Weekend

Scott had a three day weekend and it was fabulous! I cannot tell you the last time he's had that much time off at once. We definitely stayed busy this weekend and took full advantage of the fact that we had three days with him.

Friday we met up with our friends Bob and Vanessa. The kids love them and are actually going to be their flower girl and ring bearer. We did a whole bunch of swimming and may or may not have shut down the kiddie pool because Jill may or may not have swallowed too much water and again, may or may not have thrown up. May or may not.... Anyway, after swimming we hung out and the kiddos got to play with their new puppies. We truly wished we lived closer to Bob and Vanessa so we could spend more time together.

After a day of swimming Scott and I got to head out and go to dinner and a movie. This was the first time we've seen a movie on opening night in I don't even know how long. Usually by the time we get to see a movie it's the week before it comes out of the theaters. We saw Friends with Benefits by the way...hilarious.

Saturday was Paw Paw's birthday so we all went out to dinner and then came back to their house for some cake. Then the boys went to the garage to check out Paw Paw's new project, the model trains. Aaron is in love with them and really enjoys just sitting a spending time watching them.

Sunday we went to SeaWorld because that sounded like an awesome idea. The heat was awful so we really didn't stay that long, just long enough to go see the beluga whales.

Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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