Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What the kids are saying....

The kids have been coming up with some pretty funny things lately. Here's some examples:
  • When we are on the off ramp for one of the main roads here the kids always say they are flying like Peter Pan. They even put their arms out like they are flying. You also have to duck your head when you under the overpass, otherwise you'll get hurt and then you'll be sick.
  • When we go to church (according to Jill it's her church and apparently only her church) they get excited because we're going to see a show. Jill also claps during the Eucharistic preparation, to her this is the best part of "the show". Aaron likes seeing Pader (Father) Jean and kneeling on the new kneelers.
  • Jill wanted a Tinker Bell purse when we were at Kohl's the other day. Scott vetoed the purchase since she already has like 5 purses. So later that night Jill and I are sitting in the playroom and she goes "It's not fair, it was my turn and Daddy said no". I asked her what she was talking about and she said "The purse, Daddy said no." Oh, it doesn't end there. The next morning she went up to Scott with her princess purse and said "Daddy not this purse...the other purse. You said no." She hasn't brought it up yet today, so maybe we've forgotten about it.
  • We were Skyping with my parents the other day and Aaron pointed out that they were by his bed and that he wanted to go to Dzia Dzio's house. He has also said he wants to see Dzia Dzio, Busia, Tay Tay and the cuckoo clock.
Hands down this is the best age, I mean yes it has it moments where I want to pull out my hair, but the things they come up with are so worth it!

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Steph said...

Oh I love this age too...I don't think I've ever cracked up so much! It definitely makes up for all the...ahem...other times.

We also are required to duck when going under a "bridge", also known as a "cave".

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