Thursday, August 4, 2011

My future fireman/woman

The other day there was a safety thing (expo I guess?) at the Clubhouse by Mimi and Paw Paw so we took the kiddos to see the firetrucks and police cars. It was definitely a challenge to get them away from everything, they all had so much fun (yes, the big kids too).

The favorite of the day was the firetruck by far. Jill sat in the driver seat at least a half a dozen times, and Aaron even got to sit in the back where he tried to put on the air pack and told the fireman "Come on, let's go!".

They also got to check out the police motorcycle and police cars. They even sat in the back of the squad car. I truly hope that is the only time they will ever sit there.

Aaron even got to wear the SWAT gear, which really was hilarious and had all of the officers laughing.
How cute is he? Thank you Paw Paw for telling us about this event, the kids had a blast and I think we may have two future fire people on our hands!

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cat said...

Such a cool outing! Looks like they had much fun.

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