Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Princess Half Marathon Part Deux

That's right, I'm doing the Princess Half Marathon again this year! What's more exciting is that I will be running it with my sister Cathy and my cousin Debbie. Debbie and I were supposed to run it together last year, but around Thanksgiving she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Thankfully, after operations and 12 weeks of chemo, she has kicked some serious butt, or as she says, booty-butt.

So as I explain the race and introduce the racers (aka us) I want you to play this youtube video in the background, you know for effect.

The race this year falls over my sister Cathy's birthday weekend, so the name has officially been changed to Princess Cathy's Birthday Weekend Half Marathon. Now that we have covered that, let's get into the details....

The weekend starts the Friday before race day with the Fit for a Princess Expo. The Expo is also on Saturday and I think that's the day they have the Family 5K. The Expo was so cool last year! There were so many vendors and speakers, I wish I would have spent more time there. Olympian Jeff Galloway usually speaks, he's also the official expert for the race and offers training programs for everyone to follow. I plan on using his program this year, I mean he has Olympic medals, he clearly knows something, right?!

The 13.1 mile race on Sunday starts in EPCOT, goes through Magic Kingdom and then finishes in EPCOT. The course is the same as last year, which I'm glad I know so I can remember where all of those awesome hills are. Here's the course:

I'd also like to mention that the walk from where you check in to your corral is about 1 mile, no lie. Now onto those hills, I would like you to meet awesome hill #1:

After I hit this hill I believe I cursed in my head and then saw I had only finished one mile. Awesome.

Here's awesome hill #2:

The promise of men jumping on trampolines at the top of the hill was barely enough to motivate me on this one.

The main stretch of the run is pretty flat so at least you have a chance to prepare for this awesomeness at the end:

Now onto the runners!

This is my awesome cousin Debbie! She is kicking cancer and chemo's butt all while training for a triathlon. Yes, she is that awesome.

Fun facts:

She always races in pink, you could say it's her signature color.

She is the oldest of the three of us, and probably the fastest proving age ain't nothin' but a number.

She can out southern all y'all any day of the week.

Princess: Snow White

This is my sister Cathy, the kids call her Tay-Tay.

Fun Facts:

The race falls over her birthday weekend.

She is the shortest of the three of us.

Her wish is for the Gospel choir at mile 13 to sing "Oh Happy Day" while she runs past.

Princess: Cinderella

Finally, there's me. This will be my second half marathon, I ran the Princess last year as well. I came in at 3:29:59. My main goal is to crush that time.

Fun Facts:

I am the tallest and youngest in the group.

I kind of run like Phoebe from Friends, as in awkward.

My other goal is to not throw up at the finish. I was successful last year and hope to continue the success this year.

Princess: Rapunzel

I cannot wait to run this race with Cathy and Debbie! It will be an amazing experience for all three of us and truly memorable.

Race weekend countdown: 191 days to go!

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