Friday, September 9, 2011


The weather, for once, was pretty amazing last night. It actually didn't rain, so that was an added bonus. While I was trying to get some homework done (only 5 classes to go!) Scott took the kids out front to play. Our backyard is pretty much infested with wasps and is a less than desirable place to be. If you have any tips or tricks for keeping wasps away, please let me know!

Anyway, Scott took the kiddos out front to play and by the time I got out there this is what I saw:

Seriously, is that not the most adorable thing ever? What was equally impressive is that they did not shatter any windows and no noses were broken a la Marsha Brady.

Scott also worked on teaching Aaron the Heisman Pose....

Obviously we still have some work to do here, but he does look like a natural.

Jill and I spent the time drawing on the driveway. And what I mean here is I drew and Jill directed me. Towards the end though she was drawing too. She also had some amazing plumber's crack going on, which is something we will need to work on.

We ended the night with some milkshakes and a movie. We watched Ferngully which always reminds me of my niece Lorren. She watched this movie all the time growing up. It's cute, but it does disturb me that the movie is set in Australia and everyone has New York accents. I mean that's not the only thing that bothers me, but it definitely stands out.

Hope you all are having a great start to your weekend!

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