Monday, September 26, 2011

This that and the other thing.

It has been an interesting weekend to say the least. On Saturday we were waiting for the dishwasher to be delivered and installed. Or so we thought. The dishwasher came around 5ish I think and as it was being brought in I noticed the truck was still running. "Ummmm aren't you installing this?" "No, you have to make a separate appointment, we just drop them off." "Say what?"

So when the dishwasher was ordered we were told everything was going to be done on Saturday, delivery, installation, everything. I called to find out when the installer was coming and they said there wasn't an installer coming because an appointment was never set up. Come again? Yup, when we ordered it the guy who told us everything was set, lied. Shocking, I know. So now I have two dishwashers that serve no purpose in my kitchen. Jill and Aaron do like to give the new one a hug whenever they walk past it, maybe that will bring us luck?

That night we went and test drove a Dodge Journey. I fell in love and that is what I like to call foreshadowing for Sunday.

After church, Aaron was upset because he (and he's going to love me for this one day) had to poop and there were too many people around. So on the way home he finally pooped, except it was a total blowout that lasted the majority of the day. I have no idea what caused him to get the schlitz, but he had them, and Jill thankfully only had one episode. I think Jill has a stomach made out of steel or something, very seldom is her tummy off balance. While this is going on Scott and Paw Paw are at the Dodge dealership getting the car. I have no idea the final hour count, but it was around 6 hours. I will never understand why it takes so long to get a car.

But I did get my new car, and it's fabulous. This is the first brand spankin' new car I've ever owned (that wasn't a demo). It only had like 23 miles on it. I didn't know they came with that low of mileage. Oh and how I've lived without Sirius radio all this time I will never understand. It's the thing dreams are made of, no lie.

As always I leave the weekend feeling grateful for everything. It may not have been the perfect weekend where we all got to spend time together, but it was a great weekend none the less.

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