Friday, December 30, 2011

Champs Bowl 2011

We went to the Champs Bowl last night to see Notre Dame (GOOOOOOOOO Irish!) play Florida State. Scott went to Florida State and normally I'm a FSU fan, however, since my Irish were playing I had to rock "the shirt".

Yes friends, it was a house divided. Unfortunately, as my father says, "they blew the G-damn game" and the Noles won. Regardless, it was an awesome time and we had amazing seats. Thanks again Harley and Michelle for having the hook up and getting us those seats!

By far the coolest part of the game was watching four paratroopers parachute in with the flags.

Another fun fact for this game is that the first FSU game that Scott saw was at the Citrus Bowl, with Harley, when they played Notre Dame.

We won't go into specifics on this game, because as we found out last night, it makes Scott sound like a dirty old man. Ok, we can go into specifics, Scott was a junior in high school and I wasn't even in junior high. Awesome.

I would also like to take this time to thank the old man that dressed up similar to a leprechaun in our section (he even danced), the fall down drunk lesbians in front of us for making me chuckle, and the drunk guy in front of the lesbians who probably has no voice today, but who made very valid points; EJ did play like a poor man's Brantley last night.

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~ Crystal ~ said...

As a University of Miami (my #2 team)fan, I was hoping for a tie in this game. ;-) Glad you all had fun at the game! My #1 team (LSU) plays for the BCS championship. I wish i was still home in NOLA to see it!

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