Monday, December 5, 2011

Osbourne Family Lights

Saturday we went with 5 of the B6 to Hollywood Studios for the day to see the shows and finally the Osbourne Family Lights. Last year we all went to EPCOT to see the lights and the weather was awful. Thankfully this year the weather was gorgeous!

Since the B5 had never been to the Studios our plan was to do as much as possible, which with all of the shows can be challenging. Not to mention 5 kids under the age of 5. Our first stop was Lights, Motors, Action. My kiddos love this show and we hadn't seen it since they added Lightning McQueen to it. Aaron happened to catch a peek of Lightning before the show and he could barely contain himself.

Everyone (especially the Dads) loved the show! It was a great start to the day and was quickly followed by lunch as we could tell everyone's blood sugar was dropping and meltdowns were about to start, same for the kids. After lunch we went on the Backlot Tour.
I honestly cannot tell you the last time that I went on this ride, but a lot has changed. Aaron was a huge fan of this ride because it is essentially a tram, and after all that is why you go to Disney, to ride a tram. After the ride we found Mike from Monsters Inc and took a moment to meet him.

Aaron backed out at the last minute and Jill suddenly became shy. Can I mention that the whole time in line they were beyond excited to meet him. 'Twas awesome. After this side trip we went and saw The Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Dawn's girls LOVE Ariel so I think I was more excited to see how they reacted to the show. Emma hands down had the biggest smile I've ever seen and Ellina had her scrunched up really excited smile too. I had to laugh during the show though because Pearce kept asking if it was a long show and when it would be over. Amen kid, I feel ya.

We had some time to kill before the Beauty and the Beast show so we went on the Great Movie Ride. While standing in line the little girl behind us started to meltdown a little and Dawn was admiring her (she was pretty cute). The Dad laughed and said "Makes you want to have another, huh?" and Dawn said "Yes, actually it does." The look on the man's face was PRICELESS. He even said you normally don't get that reaction. That family stared at all of us like we were crazy people the whole ride. I probably would too, I mean we did have 5 kids under 5 and weren't drinking. As a side note, Ellina was plastered into my side this whole ride and wanted to know why I took her on that creepy thing. I love her.

We made it just in time for the Beauty and the Beast show, which is hands down my kids favorite show. Again, I was more excited about watching the B5 kids and they did not disappoint. They were all so excited as were Dawn and I. Dys and Scott were glued to their phones and saying things like "LSU is a second half team."

The best part of the show was at the end when all the dancers come out because Ellina had this look like, "What the hell, this wasn't in the movie!". Priceless people, priceless.

We went to Fantasmic right after and just made the 6:30 show. Again, my kids loved the show and Ellina was plastered into my side saying things like "Can you cover my eyes?" and "Why is the witch doing that?".

After Fantasmic we went into the Osbourne Lights, you know the whole reason we went to the park. It was pretty crowded, but we also went around when it began.

The kids loved the lights, especially Pearce. We were in there long enough to see the lights dance a few times, which is always fun. We even managed to snag a pretty adorable family photo, minus the woman behind Scott. What's with that face, right?

We had all hit our magical limit after the lights and started making our way towards the exit. It was an awesome day with our friends and the kids were asking if we could do it again before we even left the parking lot. It was shortly followed by this:

I am so glad we got to have the day with the B5, they are such an awesome family and we love having them in our lives!

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MommaDawn said...

We had an amazing day!!! We are so blessed to have y'all in our lives :) that lady just wanted to be a part of our big happy family!! Rude!!! Lol

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