Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Christmas Weekend!

We've had a super busy weekend so far. Last night we went to our church's Christmas party. It was so nice and there were a ton of people there. Everyone brought in a dish for dinner and then Father Jean led us in Christmas Carols.

This morning Jill and I were talking about the party and she said she thought it was awesome that Father Jean played the organ and was signing.

We headed out to Brooksville this morning to see the Christmas parade. Our friends Matt, Bonnie and their son were in the parade as Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. The weather, even though it was overcast, was really nice. We sat right at the step off point so we had a great view of everything.

There were a ton of great floats, but here are some of my favorites:

The inmates above are actual inmates, they were shoveling poop from all the horses. I found this slightly humorous and slightly degrading all at the same time.

The kiddos were excited when they saw Matt and Bonnie on their float. Bonnie, by the way, blogs over at The Not So Modern Housewife, she has a ton of great recipes, you should check her out.

Don't they look great? They were the only live nativity in the parade, all of the others were plastic and such.

After the parade we headed home from a quick refresher and then went back out to our friend Randy's Country Christmas Party. When we went last year Jill decided to jump off of Randy's front porch and landed us in the ER for the night. Thankfully, this year we did not have a repeat.

Randy has two horses and the kids love them. The first thing we did when we got there was run over to say hi. Aaron and Jill both got to feed each horse a carrot and then Randy brought out a saddle and the kids got to each take a ride around.

That's our friend Staci in the photo, the kids love her to pieces and were so glad to see her at the party. The kiddos spent most of the night running around, talking to the horses and playing with baby Henry (you know, baby Jesus from earlier in the day). I got to spend some time with handsome Henry as well. Scott told me that I needed to step away from the baby, but he's just so freakin' adorable, I mean look at him!

And yes, that's my daughter driving Staci's car down the driveway. It's not a country Christmas unless a child is sitting in someone's lap driving a car. Merry Christmas y'all!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

How fun that your kiddos get to experience horses! Our girls seem to love them (mostly from books and riding by pastures), but they have yet to get up-close. Hoping this spring we can find'd think in KENTUCKY, right?! ;)

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