Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where are the batteries? We don't have enough batteries?

The weather was pretty crappy yesterday morning. It was really overcast and that fine misty rain. Being the awesome Mommy that I am, I set up Aaron's Disney train thinking this would be so much fun for him to play with today. I had it all set up and then my worst fears were realized...I didn't have enough batteries. I only had 2 of the 6 required batteries. Like any rational mother I changed into more presentable yoga pants and a jacket, no makeup and hair in a pony tail and took the kids to the store. There was no way I would survive my day listening to him say "Where are the batteries? We don't have enough batteries?"

We were at CVS in record time, and you gotta love them because they had their brand of batteries buy one get one. It's like they knew. But here's the problem, as I was checking out my lovely daughter spotted the giant display of Christmas crap and like a moth to a flame was there faster than I could say "No way". She came walking back with one of those mini pillow pets, so I politely took it back and told her she could ask Santa for one. What does my angel do? Grabs it again and begins to run through the store. Aaron didn't move, or breathe for that matter, he had his batteries he was not about to jeopardize this. I caught her as she made her way for the door and the store manager came to rescue taking the stupid dolphin from us.

The whole crazy ordeal was worth it though, especially when you see your little man like this:

The smile on his face made the whole thing worth it. Even when the train kept jumping the track because I forgot a piece.

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