Friday, December 23, 2011

Those aren't our cards!

I've written this post in my mind at least a dozen times over the past 24 hours, I couldn't figure out how to tell it, but it is....

Our Christmas cards arrived yesterday, or at least a package with my name on it from the company that we received our cards from. I received the cards as a thank you for writing a review for the company, so I was equally excited that all I had to pay for this year was shipping. Scott opened the box and a look of sheer terror and panic ran across his face. I saw a flash of pink and thought, "What the hell? The cards are supposed to be red...why are there two guys kissing on my Christmas card?!" That's right kids, we got someone's coming out card instead of our Christmas card. (As a side note, if you received our cards and are reading this post because our blog address is on them, hit me up in the comment section! I'd love to get my cards)

So I called the company's customer service line to let them know we received cards that belong to someone else. The woman I was talking to...yeah I had no idea what she was saying and she couldn't seem to grasp the fact that I, in fact, did not order these cards. Mind you, during this conversation I'm gasping for air from laughing. Only in my life do things like this happen. I asked to speak to her manager and for real, didn't even get an apology that I didn't receive my cards. She also said there was no way to find out who has our cards. Really? Nobody else is going to call and say, "Hey I have this box of cards with some ridiculously good looking family on them." They would say that, I know they would (if you have my cards, you're agreeing, aren't you?).

Needless to say, there will be no Christmas cards from us. I really did not feel like waiting a week or more to receive the cards and then send them out a week-two weeks after Christmas. So I emailed everyone this morning with our actual card:

True story kids, true story.

I hope all of you have the merriest of Christmases!


Miss Megan said...

OMG that's hilarious! You got a couple's coming out cards!!! LOL!!! Too funny!
Bummer you didn't get yours though...after you get past the hilariousness of what happened, it really sucks that you didn't get Christmas cards to send out. Boo! Are they going to do anything to make sure you remain a return customer? Comp your next set of cards too perhaps???
The cards are lovely regardless of the form in which they are received =) Love the family pic!

Johanna said...

That is a SPECTACULAR story. I feel kinda sorry for the excited couple who will have to figure out a different way to tell their family and friends about their sexual orientation. ;)

I sent out New Year's cards for the first two years after the twins were born (because, let's face it, infant twins make everything more of an ordeal) and loved them. Maybe you guys can do that.

Sorry about your cards. I know that's a bummer. But the funny story almost makes it worth it. Make sure you keep a couple of the coming out cards for the old scrapbook.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That is nuts...and so incredibly crazy that you were doing a review, too!!!

I'm glad you can laugh about it, at to, right?!

Jamie said...

i want to see the card you DID get! May not be family friendly though, eh? :)

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