Monday, January 2, 2012

Checking out the Rexies

We took the kiddos to the Science Center today, it was a little busy because the kids aren't back in school yet. It wasn't too bad though and we all had a blast. Even Scott got in on the action...

The kids also got to watch their first movie in the Cinedome. We saw a movie called Animalopolis, it was pretty cute and the kids enjoyed it. I was impressed that they did so well in the big theater, it can be overwhelming sometimes, and they acted like total pros. After that we headed up to their favorite area, the dinosaurs, or as Aaron calls them, The Rexies.

I'm pretty sure they could spend all day in the dino area. They love "digging" for fossils and checking out all of the dinosaurs.

We can't wait to go back on a night that they have the observatory open, I think the kids will really like checking out the stars.

Hope all of you are having a fantastic day!

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