Monday, March 5, 2012

I Love 3 Day Weekends

Scott had a three day weekend this past weekend and it was crazy amazing. He worked 12 days straight, so this was a welcomed break.

Friday we met up with my friend Andrea and her boys at Animal Kingdom. Our kids get along so well, and there may or may not be a blossoming love affair between Jill and both brothers.

Kudos again to the guy at the Kids Discovery area for really trying to teach the kids about rhino's and their poop. All they took away from that was that rhino's have big poop with grass in it. Excellent info that we all need to know.

Saturday we met up with Jenn and the boys for their opening day of Little League. Jill was thrilled that there were a bunch of booths set up for her to check out, and Aaron...well...he was pretty peeved that he did not get to go on the field. He actually tried to go into the dug out. Poor kid has to wait until the fall to sign up.

Jill walked away with two armfuls of silly band bracelets and about a dozen or so flyers. It was a success in her mind.

Sunday we went and saw The Lorax with Mimi and PawPaw. It's was their first movie with the kids, and their first 3D film. It was so cute!

I hope all of you had an enjoyable time as well!

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