Friday, April 20, 2012

Life's Little Moments

The post Rebecca wrote yesterday on Multiples and More had me rereading it several times throughout the day. A post that started out of a tragedy ended up inspiring one of the best posts I read in a very long time, and inspired me to write down my own moments, good and bad, from the past 4 years with the kiddos.
  • The moment I found out there were two. This qualifies as a good and bad moment all at the same time. Bad because I essentially freaked out but good because at the same moment I was freaking out I was already in love with the two little beans on the screen.
  • The moment I heard each of them cry for the first time. I will never forget those sounds.
  • My first day on my own with both of them...alone. I was scared to death and not confident at all, but I survived and it got easier with each day that followed.
  • Their first smiles and giggles.
  • The first time Aaron peed on me because I was not fast enough with the towel after baths.
  • Our first ER visit when Jill had RSV. 
  • Our second ER visit when Aaron pulled a chair down on his head.
  • Graduating to solids and watching them take in all the new flavors.
  • First steps that quickly turned to running while wildly laughing.
  • Their twin speak and how terrified I was because I was convinced they were plotting against me.
  • The sheer terror I felt when Aaron seized in my arms, the look on his face, the shade of blue his mouth was, and the temperature he was.  
  • The clicking sound Jill made each time she seized, how hot she was when her temp hit 105, and how helpless I felt watching it unfold.
  • The first time they went down a slide and went on a swing.
  • Their first time in the pool and how excited they were.
  • Their first time at Disney World, and any time since.
  • The moments when you truly see how much they love each other.
  • The way Aaron would say "watermelon"
  • The way they fight, and boy can they fight.
  • Mornings with my Jilly snuggling.
  • Watching them read "The Hungry Caterpillar" to each other.
  • Laying on the hide-a-bed with Aaron when he had the stomach flu.
  • Nighttime prayers.
  • Listening to them singing in the back seat of the car, specifically Rainbow Connection.
There are so many more moments that I just can't think of at this moment. What are your favorite moments with your kids?

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Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

The first day alone is TERRIFYING!!

I didn't know you had seizure issues with them. Matt only had one when he spiked a fever and it was terrible.

Thanks for doing this too. I love the good more than the bad, but they're all a part of our crazy lives!

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