Monday, May 21, 2012

Aunt Buddy's Animal Kingdom Adventure!

Yesterday we took Aunt Bettye, or as Aaron calls her, Aunt Buddy, to Animal Kingdom.  She has never been and it was her last full day in town, so we figured it would be perfect!

Naturally, if you know my kids, we had to go to Festival of the Lion King. Seriously, it's the best show on property and if you ever go to Disney check this show out.

After the show we grabbed some lunch to kill time before the safari. I'm like 99% whenever we all go to the park together this is our table. We've sat there almost every single time.

The safari was great as always. We had lots of up close views of the giraffe's, which basically made the kiddos (and Aunt Buddy's) day.  And seriously, how cute is the photo of Aaron holding Aunt Buddy's hand after the safari?

We were able to catch the Jammin' Jungle Parade, too.

I love that none of us are looking at the camera. Sigh. Oh well.  We were able to catch a bunch of trails and the dinosaur playground of course. Scott even tried to take Aaron on Dinosaur since they are now tall enough to ride, but he bailed as they got to the ride vehicle. I don't blame him, I don't even want to go on that ride.

We had a great day, and visit, with Aunt Buddy! Hopefully she'll come down again real soon and we can do it again!

Don't forget, today is Multiples Monday at Capri + 3
multiples monday with capri +3


cat said...

Looks like so much fun

Preemie Twins and Me said...

You guys seem to have great fun! I found you on Capri + 3 and in my quest to network with other moms of multiples, please follow us as we are already following you!

Twitter: @preemietwinsme

Can't wait to read more!

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