Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

50 years ago today my parents were married. Is that not the craziest thing? 50 years! 

I love hearing about their wedding and the celebrations after. The morning of their wedding it was pouring down rain, so my Grandma, being the good Catholic that she is, placed her statue of the Blessed Virgin in the window and blessed the house with holy water. It stopped raining. During all of this my Grandfather (who I wish I could have known) was calm as a cucumber. There's a great photo of everyone getting my Mom out of the house, holding her dress so it didn't get wet, and my Grandfather standing on the porch, hands in his pockets, without a care in the world. From what I understand this was his personality and how he reacted in most situations.

Their ceremony was at high mass, which means they were married by three priests. My parents were married at St. Bronislava's, which I've never been to, but based on the photos is an absolutely gorgeous church.

Since mass was so early everyone went for breakfast after mass and then went home until the dinner reception. Can you imagine having an all day wedding? I was exhausted after mine and I was married at 5pm, not 9am.

I think my favorite story from the reception is that my other grandfather (who I also wish I could have met) invited a ton of people and never told my parents. People were just showing up to the reception, and "you know they wanted to come". At the end of the day there is no telling just how many people were actually at their reception. 

The day after the wedding everyone got together again at one of the houses (I can't remember which) and according to my Dad ate and drank more than they did at the wedding. 

I think my favorite story from the day after the wedding is when both grandfathers went with my Dad to pay the bill at the hall. They all sat at the bar and started doing shots. One would buy a round of shots and then the next and then the next and the bartender would buy the next and so on and so forth. Did I mention my Dad was driving them on their honeymoon that night? They made it to Indiana, which is like 15 minutes away. 

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it is to have parents that are married 50 years. I am so thankful to have them as an example in my life for marriage. I can only hope that Scott and I are still around to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We love you Mom and Dad!


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