Monday, May 14, 2012

"I So Proud of You Uncle Bob"

Saturday we went to Hollywood Studios with our friends Bob and Vanessa. The kiddos were just in their wedding, and if you've been reading the blog for any time you know Bob is more of an Uncle to the kiddos than anything else. Fraternity brothers count as Uncles, right? 

Friday when we were talking about seeing Bob and Vanessa, Jill said she just had to take them to the Belle show.  Naturally, this was our first stop. 

The kiddos acted like it was the first time they've ever seen the show, which is pretty much how they act every single time. Jill also gave the stink eye to the little girl that was chosen to get the rose at the end. I think if she would have walked out the same way we did, Jill would have jumped her. 

Our next stop was the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. I don't know of any other 4 year olds that are obsessed with this show, but mine sure are. Jill even told Uncle Bob that he had to be an extra. Uncle Bob does not disappoint, so he made it his mission to be one. He was successful.

Bob's first task was to strike a 'bodyguard' pose and when he hit it all you could hear was Jill yelling, "HE'S SO STRONG!!!!!" and "YOU CAN DO IT UNCLE BOB!!!!"

After doing a quick costume change Bob was chosen to have the big 'death scene'.  Jill was also yelling at this point, "YOU CAN DO IT UNCLE BOB!!!!" and "GOOD JOB UNCLE BOB!!!!".

When he was in the background being an extra Jill was determined to go onto the set to be with him. "I'm going there myself!" She was so incredibly proud of him, and even told that to him after the show. I believe her exact words were "Uncle Bob, I sooooooo proud of you!".  She talked about him being in the show for the rest of the day.

Bob even took the kiddos to meet Indiana Jones and Marion after the show. Jill was 'shy' by the time we got up there, but Aaron went up and after that moment had to be referred to as Indiana Jones. 

We were able to go on a few rides and see a few more shows after lunch. I think we ended up spending like 7 hours at the park, something we rarely do. 

The kiddos had a total blast the entire day and we are so glad we had a chance to hang out with Bob and Vanessa!

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