Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bahama Mama

Now, back to the cruise. After St. Thomas we had another day at sea. To be honest, I cannot really remember what we did, probably the pool at some point? I do remember playing BINGO and most definitely not winning the $10,000 jackpot. Before BINGO though, we all had lunch together.

That night was semi-formal night and we were in the Enchanted Garden. Jill fell asleep almost immediately and Aaron learned a new trick, putting a spoon on his nose. This trip was obviously educational.

We celebrated my brother and sister-in-law's anniversary that night, too. Art and Karyn have been married for 25 years. 

After dinner we took a family photo with just the kids and grandkids for my parents. 

I love this photo, even though Jill is not looking. 

We also took one of just my parents and the grandkids.

At least Jill was looking, right? 

After all of the photos and the show, my parents took the kiddos so Scott and I could have a night out on the ship. We met up with Cathy, Lorren, Melissa, Casey, Chris, Pam, Thomas, and Karen in The Tube to see the hypnotist and have drinks. The hypnotist was hilarious, I cannot believe some of the things he could get people to do. I loved the guitar hero showdown he had them all do, and the puppeteer bit. So good! 

After the show we hung out with Cathy, Lorren, Melissa, and Casey for drinks and embarrassing dancing. 

The next day was our last stop on the cruise, Castaway Cay. Hands down this was my favorite stop of the entire trip. The island is broken up into three different beaches (family, teen, adult) and has a whole slew of activities to do. We rented a raft for the kids and Scott rented some snorkeling equipment and went out with my niece and nephew. 

I picked up some buckets and molds for the kids, too, so they could make sandcastles. We even had lunch on the island and were pleasantly surprised when we saw some of our assistant servers working the lunch.  

We headed back to the ship after lunch since the kiddos (ok, and Scott and I)  were pretty pooped, and actually had a chance to see Brave, again. 

Our last dinner was in Royal Court and we put the kids in the adorable outfits they got from Tay Tay for their birthday. We seldom dress the kids alike, but how could you pass up these outfits?

Dinner was super yummy, and also bittersweet. It was our last dinner on the ship, and the reality that our vacation was coming to an end was sinking in. 

Aaron went to the play area and Jill went with Tay Tay and Lorren to see a show so we could pack up the room. All your luggage has to be outside your room by 10:30 at the latest, which really kind of bites, but is totally understandable. When the girls came back after the show, Tay Tay thought it would be funny to climb in Aaron's bed. He did not find it as funny. I believe his exact words were, "Hey! Tay Tay, what are you doing in my bed?"

It took a while to get everyone settled into bed, and we had a super early morning the next day. We had to be at breakfast for 6:45 and then disembarked. Jill was disappointed to see Port Canaveral when she opened the blinds that morning. Her exact words were, "Uh....Florida".

I will say this, the whole process of disembarking was much more pleasant than when we took a Princess cruise. We really didn't wait long at all to leave or go through customs. 

We all had such an amazing trip and Scott and I are sold on doing another Disney cruise with the kids. 

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Jill said...

that looks like an amazing trip!! i'm a little jealous! time to go book a cruise :)

thanks for your comment...great to find your blog!

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