Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July a few days early

 Since the 4th is during the middle of the week this year, we decided to celebrate early and had a cookout with friends this weekend. To get in the spirit, the kiddos and I actually did some crafts and made 2 different wreathes.  I helped the kids with this foam star wreath:

And I asked them not to help me with this wrapped yarn wreath:

I found both crafts on Pinterest, you can find the foam star one here and the wrapped yarn wreath here.

I'm pretty pleased with myself that a) I actually did a craft and b) it came out pretty decent looking!

Saturday we had a cookout and Scott broke out the smoker. Seriously, this has been the best gift I've ever given him. It's like the gift that keeps on giving. He decided to smoke some pork butts and injected them with Cherry Dr. Pepper. The meat was a little tougher to pull, but was super tender and really juicy. 

I also tried out a new dip recipe that I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest. It's a loaded baked potato dip and is seriously out of this world. The group of us ate all of it, I'm surprised we didn't like the bowl.

You can find the recipe for this dip here. I'm warning you though, it's super delicious and highly addictive. 

The cookout itself was great. All of the kids played and seemed to have a great time. Aaron actually slept until 9:30 Sunday morning. Clearly, he had a good time. 

Hope you had an equally awesome weekend!

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