Sunday, June 24, 2012

On a cruise on a cruise!

We just got back from an amazing 7 night cruise to the Eastern Caribbean! The whole cruise was to celebrate my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. 22 of us all got together to join in the celebration. 

The kiddos have had a countdown going since we applied for their passports (Scott spilled the beans to get Jill to take her photo).  The look on their faces when we pulled into Port Canaveral was worth the whole trip. They were beyond excited and only got more excited as we checked out the ship from the terminal.


We didn't wait too long in the terminal before we were able to get on board. While we were waiting we met up with my brother Art and his family, and my cousin Debbie and her husband. I have to say, the system they have for getting people on board is genius. You are given a time, and then when you check in, you get a number. When your number is called you get to board the ship. Plus, they keep everyone entertained in the terminal, so the time flies by.

Before you get on the ship though, they take a family photo. Jill was not into having her photo taken this entire trip, Aaron on the other hand was all about having his photo taken. 

When you walk on the ship a crew member announces your family and there are other crew members that applaud and welcome you aboard. It's such a cool feeling and makes you feel like a true VIP. We then headed up to one of the top decks for some lunch since our cabins weren't ready yet. 

After lunch we were off to check out the cabin. The kids immediately fell in love with the giant porthole in the room. Aaron was almost always found in it.

The sailing away party was up next and we were able to meet up with the majority of our party. It was so cool pulling out of port and heading out to sea. The kids loved the party and my Mom even shed a few tears (happy ones, of course).
Our first dinner was in the Royal Court and was shortly after the party. We took up half of a room in the back of the dining area.  Every night you rotate between 3 restaurants, but keep the same waiters. The menu also changes every night, but if there is something specific that you like, you can always request it.  

After dinner we tried to take the kids to the Oceaneer's Club, Aaron loved it, Jill not so much. So we hung out with Jill and then after a few hours picked up Aaron and then tried to get them to settle down for the night in their super cool bunk beds.

Apparently these bunk beds were so cool that they had to stay up until around midnight before they finally settled down. 

Our first day was definitely a long one, but a fun one to say the least. I'll be blogging about all the other days this week, so keep checking back!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I can't wait to see more of your trip!!! So glad you had a great time...hope you got to relax a bit, too! :)

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