Monday, June 25, 2012

Somewhere beyond the sea....

Days 2 and 3 of the cruise we were at sea. The first day was gorgeous, so we spent most of the time at the pool. There are separate adult and kids pools, and you can never guess where we were. Yup, the kids pool. 

Aside from the two pools in that area (a super shallow one for the little kids and then a regular pool for the bigger kids), there is also a kids only water slide, and a Finding Nemo themed splash area that is completely in the shade. The kids spent most of their time bouncing between the three areas. Jill even went down the aquaduck at one point since they are just tall enough to ride it. 

What I loved about the pool area is that they are always playing a movie on the "Funnelvision", so you can just relax and watch a movie. 

The 2nd night was formal night on the ship. We had dinner in Animator's Palate, which is super cool because the paintings come to life on the walls. This was hands down the most entertaining restaurant for the kiddos. That night we also officially celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary. As a present, we gave them a scrapbook filled with photos and letters from friends and family that have known them for the past 50 years. Some of favorite inclusions in this book were their friend Vince (they first met at his wedding) and their flower girl Kathy.  They also received a letter from the President and First Lady, as well as an autographed photo of Mickey and Minnie. 

I think the best part about all of this was that my Mom broke her glasses and couldn't read any of it. She had to borrow my Dad's glasses at one point. They absolutely loved the book and it makes for a great memory!

After dinner we took a big group shot with all 22 of us. Shockingly, we were not the biggest group on the boat.

Here's who is in the photo:
Top Row L-R: Thomas (Mike's son), Mike (my cousin), Ryan (Mike's son), and my brother Chris
Next Row: L-R: Casey (Melissa's boyfriend), my brother Art, David (Debbie's husband), Scott and Aaron
Next Row L-R: Me and Jill, Dad, Mom, Jeffery (Art's son)
Next Row L-R: Karen (Mike's wife), Pam (Chris's wife), Debbie (my cousin), Karyn (Art's wife)
Bottom Row L-R: Melissa (Chris's daughter), Kaitlyn (Art's daughter), my sister Cathy, and Lorren (Cathy's daughter)

The next day was spent at sea as well. However, the weather was not as nice as the previous day. My Mom, sister, nieces and I played BINGO to pass the time. Sadly, we did not win anything. Aaron spent most of his time in the kids area and Jill, Tay Tay, Lorren and I went to find Pepe the Prawn from the Muppets.

Yup, he has his own cabin on the ship. Sadly, he was not home, but you can call his cabin for a joke or he can woo you. 

That night we had dinner at the Enchanted Garden. The restaurant is based on the gardens in Versailles. It's really gorgeous in there, it was my favorite mainly because of the way it was decorated. Scott and I even snagged a photo of just the two of us.

Yup, we're adorable. 

Check back tomorrow for our visit to St. Maarten!

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