Wednesday, June 27, 2012

St. Thomas

What day are we on now, 5? Sure, that sounds right. Anyway, after a fun pirate themed night we woke up the next morning in St. Thomas. 

Yup, that's a pirate ship. Aaron called it the Jolly Roger (you know, Captain Hook's ship). There were a ton of boats in the water that morning and only added to the breathtaking beauty that is St. Thomas. 

We had our one and only excursion planned for St. Thomas, it was at the butterfly farm. In hindsight I'm really glad we only picked one excursion. It was perfect for the kids and allowed us to come and go from the islands as we pleased. 

We got off the ship the same time as my parents, my niece Melissa and her boyfriend Casey. My Dad immediately broke the rules and walked in the restricted area as marked by the bright yellow line.

Aaron immediately saw the word "sucker" written across Casey's forehead and managed to get him to carry him to the end of the dock. 

The butterfly farm was literally half a second away from the dock. It was a pretty decent size, and a part from the birds in front of house, a very neat little excursion. 

These butterflies were huge and absolutely gorgeous. If you had on any bright clothing they landed on you. Jill was ultra paranoid about this and I'm thankfully I didn't have in her any bright colors. 

The kids were over it after the farm and actually headed back to the ship with my parents, who were equally over the heat. Scott and I actually had a chance to explore some of the island on our own. I really liked St. Thomas a lot more than St. Maarten. We really didn't venture outside of the shopping area, but from what we could see on the hillside and such it was gorgeous. 

Dinner that night was back at Animator's Palate. This was hands down my favorite dining night. We were able to draw our own characters that would then be animated and shown on the screens around our tables. Jill took the liberty of coloring everyone, except Scott's, at our table. It was so cool seeing everyone's creations dancing on the screen.  

I should also mention on most nights we went to the show after dinner. Every night was a different Broadway style show. Jill was in hog heaven and I'm pretty sure did not blink at any point during them.  We also were able to see a few movies while on board as well. There is a movie theater on one of the decks that shows current Disney movies on the big screen, some even in 3D.  We watched Cars 2, The Avengers (well, Scott did), and Brave. 

Up next is another day at sea, and then Castaway Cay. Stay tuned!

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