Friday, October 26, 2012

The Curve Ball

I've shared on here, on more than one occasion, how much I love those ridiculous ecards you find all over Pinterest. I found another one the other night and had to share.

Can I get an amen? 

I remember when we found out we were having twins. On the car ride over Scott and I were talking about how our house is perfect for one child and then when we are ready for the second we can move into something bigger. Not even an hour later...BAM....twins!  Well played God...well played.

It's so true though, the majority of us that have multiples do not go into that first appointment thinking we are having twins/triplets.  People think we have this overwhelmingly happy feeling when we hear the news. I'm sure some people do, I am not one of those people. I cried. I also laughed, but mainly cried. I thought Scott was going to lose his breakfast on the floor. Well played God....well played.

4 years later, I have to say twins are the best curve ball we've been thrown. Well played God...well played.


Life with Gemelos said...

Love it...and agree! Best curve ball God has thrown yet :)

cat said...

Oh I love this one (mind if I share it too?). I cried and cried too - hubby laughed and laughed. But the best curve ball ever

TaraMetBlog said...

When I found out we were having twins. I was in shock. The nurse even asked me if I needed a ride home as if I couldn't drive myself, lol.

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