Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday

For those of you that don't know what Thanksgiving Thursday is, it is the one time during the week where you stop and basically count your blessings. Even if you've had one of those weeks, I promise you can find at least one thing to be thankful for, no matter how big or small.
This week I am thankful for:

  • Scott and all that he does, including filling up my car so I don't have to do it before I go into the office. 
  • Aaron who has spent the past couple of mornings with me while I get ready. I love having those moments with my little man before the day really starts.
  • Jillian who is my little miss. I love the moments I have with her talking about her day.
  • My parents who crack me up on a daily basis.
  • My sister who sent a tin of Garrett's popcorn (the Chicago mix in case you were wondering). It is the best popcorn on the planet and it is taking all the willpower I have to not eat ever last kernel. 
  • An office full of great people! I love our slightly dysfunctional family. 
  • The first real cold night of the year and the hot minestrone soup that went with it.
  • A fantastic pastor that participated in trunk or treat this weekend. Definitely blessed to be a part of that community!
  • Finally finishing a book I've been reading for the past 2 months. Granted, it was almost 600 pages, but still.
What are you thankful this week?


cat said...

A great list. So I want to know what book it is you have finished reading?

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Mmmmm...Garrett's popcorn...salivating!!!

Glad you've had a great week!

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