Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Way Back When-esday: The Baptism

Dateline: November 23, 2008
Age: 6 months

Every Thanksgiving I am reminded of the kiddos baptism. We purposely chose the weekend before Thanksgiving to have them baptized because we knew the majority of the family would be in town. There are so many traditions associated with baptisms and our family is no different. Almost every person in our family has been baptized in the same gown (the one Jill is wearing). It was originally my great-grandmother's wedding dress and is over 100 years old. Just writing that gives me chills. It is such an awesome tradition to have.

The other reason I am reminded of their baptism is that it was one of Father Steve's last baptisms before he passed. We were so lucky and blessed to have known him and to have him in our lives. I am so thankful he baptized our kids and brought Scott into the Catholic faith. I will never forget him carrying Aaron around during the homily and then joking that he should have picked the lighter one. You are deeply missed Father Steve.

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Cheryl Lage said...

Father Steve sounds like such an amazing man...what a wonderful day to remember the blessing of his presence on earth.

Peace and love to you and yours this Thanksgiving Amanda!

Happy Way Back When-esday! :)

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