Sunday, March 17, 2013

With Open Arms

We had another great message at mass this morning that I had to share. The Gospel today was the story of when the woman was to be stoned and Jesus said, "He without sin cast the first stone".  Father Dave took that story and reminded us that we are always the harshest critic of not only other people, but of ourselves.  

We were reminded today that no matter how heinous we believe our sin is, we are what is standing between us and Jesus.  Jesus is waiting with open arms and unconditional love. It is up to us to take that step, forgive ourselves and accept Him. 

After I shared that sentiment on Facebook this morning, my cousin Becky shared this photo with me:

This photo definitely ties into the message from this morning. I hope this message touches you the same way it touched me and continues to help you move through this Lenten season. 

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