Sunday, April 7, 2013

EPCOT's Flower and Garden

We finally made it out to Flower and Garden this weekend and as always, had a fantastic time. One of my favorite things about Flower and Garden is all of the interactive things for the kids to do. In honor of Oz, they had carnival games set up for the kids. We were even able to take a photo in front of the famed balloon....or a cardboard cutout of it.

It was just nice to have a weekend where nothing was going on and we could all just hang out. It really wasn't even that crowded, which was even better.

One of my favorite gardens in the world showcase is the tea garden in the UK. They have teacups all over filled with different types of tea and then they have these adorable teapots.

Beautiful, right?! We also had a chance to check out the newly expanded bakery in France. Everyone snagged a delicious treat. 

Jill wanted a croissant:

Aaron wanted a chocolate chip cookie:

Scott had an eclair and I had this super yummy macaroon:

It was so yummy, soooooo yummy!

I hope we have a chance to make it back before they break down all of the gardens. I definitely want to grab some more photos to share with all of you.

Hope you had an equally fantastic weekend!

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