Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It'll be fun they said...

I fully blame my mother for my addiction to Candy Crush. No, I really do. I knew nothing about this game until we went to Chicago and I saw her playing it on Facebook. It looked so easy, so simple, almost fun.


There is nothing "relaxing" or "enjoyable" about this sadistic game. Like when you are on a level where you have to collect cherries and onions (what is with that?) and they don't seem to drop until you have 2 moves left. Awesome. Or when you have to break through, what like a million jellies, in 25 moves. Yup, totally relaxing...Oh, and let's not forget those tickets to even move on to another land. Ridiculous, I feel like a druggie trying to get a fix asking all of my friends on Facebook for a life or ticket or magical whatever.

Oh, can I also mention that Leann and I spent at least a good half hour talking about this game and the different levels of sheer ridiculousness that it warranted a peanut butter to calm it down. Yeah, relaxing and fun...please.

So, thanks Mom. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to try and move past level 39.

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