Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Monogram Wreath

I think Scott cringes when I walk into Michaels, especially when I'm by myself. It's like being in a casino, I lose all concept of time, money and good judgement. I feel like I am Martha Stewart walking up and down the aisles saying things like, "Oh look at this thing on clearance, I could make an entire bookshelf out of it" or something like that...

Anyway, I was in Michaels to buy cardstock for the kiddos birthday invitations and found myself in the floral area. How does this even happen? I don't know, this is why I need to be supervised. I purchased a natural grape vine wreath, a bunch of hydrangeas, floral wire, wire butterflies, a white letter 'N', Martha Stewart pearl paint, a sponge brush and ribbon. All of this, in my mind, was going to make an adorable spring wreath. 

The first thing I did was paint my wood letter with the paint. I'll tell you what, Martha Stewart has every paint color in the universe. The blue matched perfectly, it was crazy. 

While the paint was drying I snipped the flowers using pliers and then wrapped the floral wire around each steam, pushed the flower through and secured it with the wire. 

I then worked the butterflies into the flowers. You have to be really careful with these, they are super fragile. 

After the paint on the letter dried I hot glued some of the wire on the back of the letter and wrapped in around the wreath, securing it in the back. 

Then I added the ribbon to the top and hung it up on my door. 

Not to shabby, if I do say so myself. Thank you again, Michaels, for giving me another adorable project. Scott and his wallet thank you, too. 

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