Tuesday, April 16, 2013

United We Run

I had planned to post a "what I see on my run" story yesterday. My friend Amanda recently did a similar post and I thought it was fantastic and told her I would follow suit. Then yesterday happened...

I couldn't bring myself to hit the publish button, so it sat there and I sat here, sad, mad and devastated. There is something so sacred about the finish line and to know that someone took that from all of those people and caused such harm to the people that support them is incomprehensible. Knowing that one of them was an 8-year-old boy that just ran back from meeting his father at the finish line hit all too close to home for me. I just ran the princess half in February and my whole family, my life, was on the fence at the finish line, just like all of those people. 

But then something amazing happened yesterday, people, humanity, acts of heroism. Runners crossed the finish line and ran on to the hospital to give blood. People ran back to move barricades to let EMS and rescue personal get to the injured. People just helped others. I tried to explain it to my Dad that it's the runners way. Something I have noticed since I started running is that people who run are just  genuinely nice people. When Michelle and I run on the weekends everyone we pass says, "good morning" or "have a good run."  It's just a part of our culture. We look forward to seeing each other succeed and cross the finish line, even if it's just the crack on the sidewalk when we return to our cars.

Patton Oswalt had, hands down, the best reaction to yesterday (and please pardon the language):

There really is nothing to add to that. While I still cannot bring myself to hit publish, I do know it will not stop me from running or make me fearful of my next race. If anything, this brings us closer and makes us stronger. Now we run for those who had it taken from them by one (or more) coward. I will think of you when I hit my favorite spot on my run:

I will think of you when the only sound is my feet hitting the ground. 

I will think of you when I wear my favorite race shirt, the one I wore when I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon.

I will think of you at the finish line.

From now on I don't just run for me...I run for and with you, too. 

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