Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Déjà vu

You know that moment you have as a parent where you find yourself having a moment of déjà vu? I had that moment today in the pediatrician's office when Jill started screaming, kicking and crying because she didn't want her ear cleaned out.

In that moment I flashed back to my first day of first grade when I ran out of the room and down the hall screaming for my mom. She always told me that she couldn't wait until I had a child that did that.

Can I tell you that my father laughed on the phone when I told him about this? He also said it made his day.

Needless to say, I cannot wait until Jillian has a child just like her. Maybe two...

As a side note, both of the kids were off the charts for heights. I don't know why this surprised our doctor seeing that I'm almost 6 feet tall and Scott is just over 6 feet tall.

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