Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lorax Cupcakes

Since the kiddos had a Lorax themed birthday it was only fitting that we had Lorax themed cupcakes. Originally, I was going to hire someone to make them, but an injury sidelined them and I had to make them myself. 

I decided to make two different cupcakes and hit the baking section at JoAnn's.  I could max out a credit card in that store like it's nobody's business. I found some really adorable orange ombre cupcake liners, candy eyes, sparkle gel and yellow candy melts. Somehow all of this was going to make a hopefully awesome cupcake.

My main challenge was making the mustache. I tried to find a mustache mold, but they were too big for the cupcakes, so I had to free hand it. It was rough. I melted the yellow candy melts in a piping bag, lined a baking sheet with wax paper and set out to make something that somewhat, kind of sort of maybe, looked like a mustache. 

Artist I am not, but it worked. While these were chilling in the fridge, I mixed my frosting. Talk about a challenge. It took me a while to get the orange just right. After I spread it on the cupcakes I placed the wacky eyes on the cupcake. You can find these in the baking aisle of JoAnn's or Michael's. 

After the eyes, I used the sparkly gel to make eyebrows and a nose. You can also find this in the baking aisle.

Then I placed on the mustaches and voila! 

I think my Truffula Trees were better, but these weren't that bad. I'll have a Truffula Tree step-by-step post tomorrow. 

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