Friday, June 7, 2013

The Story Behind the Photo: Hugs for McQueen

Cars weekend is coming up soon and when I saw the announcement for it, I immediately thought of this photo: 

I was covering the first Cars weekend as press, which sounds really official, but I was there as a blogger. Anyway, we were able to take a sneak peek and have some up close and personal time with the cars. The kids both loved them. Aaron's head almost exploded, I'm pretty sure of that. 

The photographer for Disney's PR team was there and pretty much fell in love with our cuties. He asked if he could snap some photos of them for press material and being the PR person that I am, I jumped at the chance. Then that photo happened and I beamed. Jilly gave them pure Disney magic. 

This photo was used as a stock photo for the weekend in all of the press materials. I love it so much and love that they were able to have some extra time with Lightning McQueen. 

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