Sunday, June 9, 2013

Every night. Movie Night.

I have felt pretty crappy since Friday (in all reality I would say Wednesday, but I pretended I was fine), so I really haven't left the couch. So what does one do when they are on the couch all day from Friday until Sunday? Watch Lifetime movies.

For real.

I've watched movies about incest and a blind cousin learning about it, dance instructors that become stalkers because they are really in love with the daughter not the mother, amnesia with a side of crazy boyfriend/fiance and the pièce de résistance....a movie about a woman escaping the fundamentalist Mormon camp. (The movie is called In God's Country in case you want to DVR it)

How does this happen? How do you find yourself catching the end of one movie and then getting sucked into four others? I blame the cold medicine. Yes, it was the cold medicine. 


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you feel better today! And especially by FRIDAY ;)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you feel better today!! And especially by FRIDAY ;)

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