Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Never Ending Weekend....

Scott went to Tallahassee this weekend for his fraternity's 45th anniversary reunion, so it was just me and the dynamic duo. 

Thursday night they went to dinner with Mimi and PawPaw and then came home. I was getting them bathed and ready for bed and Aaron was going to the bathroom. Then I saw it...blood in his urine. Immediate 'f' bomb under my breath and phone call to the after hours line for the pediatrician. They said to take him in immediately. Awesomesauce.

Mimi and PawPaw met me at the ER and took Jilly back to their house. The little man and I went back immediately and went through a bunch of tests. They took blood and did an ultrasound. He was such a champ the entire time and didn't cry once. That boy earned every inch of the double Popsicle they gave him.

We finally made it home sometime after midnight and he requested a movie and snuggle time. Wish granted kid. 

When he woke up in the morning (around 9, mind you) the first thing he asked was when his sister would be coming home. Apparently Jillian was up at 5:24 asking the same thing. They were reunited around 10 a.m. and there were tons of hugs and kisses.

Since we were home on Friday because of our "emergency" as Jill referred to it, we headed out for some cupcakes and then stopped by my office. Those two took the place over. They met one of the professors, my bosses and a few of the people in the admin suite. Jill took over Leann's desk and Aaron was our construction worker. Somehow they managed to leave the office with more than they came in with. I don't know how that works, maybe they're just that cute?

Funniest part of that visit though had to be when the big boss tried to have a philosophical conversation with Aaron. His face pretty much looked like this:

It was pretty amazing.

When we finally came home and had dinner all hell broke lose again. Jill emptied her entire stomach from what I believe was too many sweets. My reaction?

I was counting down the minutes until Scott's return at this point. I may or may not have also poured myself a gigantic glass of wine after they went to bed. May or may not.

Saturday was a much better day. We went with Mimi for lunch and did some shopping. The kiddos each picked out new sunglasses.

Then we came home and had some yummy homemade pizza. It was a far better day than the other two.

All I know is that I am looking forward to Scott pulling in the driveway. I think I've earned a giant bottle of wine and a bubble bath, or five.

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Anonymous said...

Action packed life, needless to say!

I am glad they got to visit the school (train them young lol), but I wished I could have met them.

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