Monday, July 22, 2013

Up Yours Nail Polish

Something I have noticed with little ones is that they tend to point with their middle finger...a lot. Aaron does not seem to do this nearly as much as Jillian, she points all.the.time. with her middle finger.

I will admit I am guilty of scrolling through my phone or iPad with my middle finger. I've also noticed her doing the same thing. Then there was yesterday and she was talking about her chipped nail polish and I saw this:

I feel the same way when my nail polish chips, too. However, I do have to wonder if the finger is an innocent slip or her telling me she's done with me taking pictures of her.



Anonymous said...

She is a riot!!!

Heather B said...

LOL. My boys will point at things with their middle finger. I suspect more than a few people have been given the bird by my curious dudes.

Love it!

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