Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Who Would Have Thought My First Ride Would Be The Carousel?

My brother and his kids are in town this week with friends and we were able to meet up with them last night. My original plan was to leave work not too long after lunch, grab the kids and make an afternoon of it, that definitely did not happen. The move from Friday is still lingering and I cannot wait for that fun project to be complete.


The kiddos have been excited to see everyone since I mentioned it on Sunday and they practically raced Kevin down the hallway to see their cousins. After some time in the room, we headed to Downtown Disney.

Aaron fit right in with all of the boys, and I'm not sure what it is about getting a group of boys together, but it definitely brings the sillies out. Jilly hung out with her Uncle Kevin while we were waiting for the bus. I'm pretty sure he heard all about the past week of her life at least a dozen times, plus or minus three.

When we arrived at Downtown Disney the kids took a ride on the carousel. As Adam says, "Who would have thought my first ride at Disney would be the carousel?"

It was then decided that we needed ice cream from Ghiradelli. If you know anything about my family, you know that we all love Ghiradelli ice cream and it is always somewhere we need to stop.

The ice cream trip worked out nicely because they were doing a dance showcase on the stage right by where we were sitting. I think all of the kids were thoroughly entertained while we waited for our treats.

When everything arrived I was surprised to see what Aaron ordered, apparently he just pointed to a picture and ordered a huge waffle cone with ice cream and sprinkles. He ate every bit of the ice cream and shared the cone.

After the ice cream we all headed over to the stage to see the show that they do at night. I guess you call it a show? They had a DJ playing music for all of the kids. We hung out for a while watching everything and then Jill disappeared with Meghan's friend Alex. Apparently, Jill thought Alex was a sucker and she could take her into the world of Disney to buy her something. You can't fault her for trying I guess.

I was hoping the kids would fall asleep on the way home from all of this, but not so much. They talked the entire way home and were up at their normal time this morning. They cannot wait to see their cousins and friends again today. I'm fairly certain they will talk the entire time again.

Needless to day, today is a several cups of coffee kind of a day.

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