Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Duck Should Be In Charge

Yesterday we met up with my brother and his crew at Magic Kingdom. I thought the kids would sleep in that morning, but they were up after 6 asking when we were going. So much for sleeping in....

I had to get them out of the house before they made me bananas, so we stopped by Scott's office. They definitely took over and did a whole bunch of coloring. Now, they didn't leave any photos for Scott to actually put up in his office, but they did color a bunch for their friends (which they then left in the car).

We made our way to the Magic Kingdom not too long after we arrived at Scott's office. The kids pretty much talked the entire car, tram and monorail ride. Thank you to the people around us that thought all of this was adorable.

Kevin and his crew were already in the park when we finally arrived, so we met up with them at the exit for Buzz Lightyear. The kid were convinced that every person walking off the ride was Adam or Meghan or someone else in our group.

When the group finally did come off the ride the kids had no idea it was them. So much for that I guess.

Jill went with the group on the People Mover and Aaron and I sat it out. He has a thing about tunnels lately and since the ride goes through Space Mountain, he decided it was a pass. We just chilled in the shade and watched all the people go by.

Lunch was up next at one of our favorite places, Casey's Corner. If you ask my Dad these are the best hot dogs in pretty much the entire world. They are good, especially the corn dog nuggets (nom nom nom).

We headed over to Fantasyland next, specifically the new area. We have not really explored that area yet because it has been so busy. We went on the new Underwater Adventures with Ariel (or whatever it's called) which was actually pretty adorable.

We made our way over to Dumbo next. I have to say, of all of the renovations to Fantasyland, this was the best. I love that they have an indoor, air conditioned, play area for the kids while we wait. It seems to make the time go by faster, in my opinion.

This was also the first time in I have no idea how long, that I rode Dumbo solo.  Aaron rode with the boys and Jill rode with Meghan's friend Alex.

After Dumbo we took a break in the air conditioning and watched Mickey's Philharmagic. God bless the AC. While the temperature wasn't necessarily high yesterday, the heat index sure was.

Our next stop was Frontierland. We went to the Country Bear Jamboree, which is Kevin's favorite attraction in Magic Kingdom, dare I say all of Disney. After the show the kids had an ice cream break. Aaron had a Mickey bar and by the looks of it, it was delicious.

Next up were the mountains, Big Thunder and Splash, that is. We made it through the whole line of Big Thunder and Aaron decided, nope, not going to have it. So we waited at the exit for the rest of the group. Jill came off the ride with an ear to ear grin and then confessed, "My tummy feels weird." Trust me, I feel the same after that ride!

Next up was Splash Mountain, which we thankfully all had Fastpasses for. Aaron waited in this line with us too and then at the "last chance exit" we made our exit.  He was pretty peeved that we couldn't stand on the bridge in the loading area, but rules are rules after all.

Jillian went on without any hesitation and when she came off she was, again, grinning from ear to ear. Her exact words when she saw me were "Mommy that was so much fun, but look at me! I'm all wet!"

The photo of her on the ride is pretty priceless, you can tell she white knuckling it on the drop.

We decided to split for the day after Splash. Aaron was starting to hit his melting point, and as fun as that is, it was in our best interest to split. My idea was to take the train to the front of the park, however, only one was running and it was a thirty minute wait. Soooo....we walked and took lots of shade and water breaks. We still beat the train, so that's a success in my book.

We made it to the parking lot in what seemed like record time and the kids climbed in their seats, Aaron had the rest of his chocolate graham cracker that seemed to melt on his face, and Jill was pretty much asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot. I think this is one of the quietest car rides I've ever had with them.

The kids had a total blast yesterday and talked about it all night. They are super excited about the day we have planned today and have already gotten on to me for not being showered yet. So on that note, I better run.

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