Saturday, August 31, 2013

Football, Beer and Swimming

Today was a pretty awesome start to the weekend. Michelle and I met up for an almost 5.5 mile run this morning and if it wasn't so humid, I'm pretty sure we would have pushed past 6. The humidity is killing us though.

With only a month until the 10 miler we are trying to up our distances. I'm not terribly concerned about time right now, because we are pretty close to the target time and on race day adrenaline normally pushes us a little faster.

Today was also the season kick off game for Notre Dame. Naturally, I wore my ND shirt and the kiddos actually picked out their matching shirts to wear with me.

How cute are we? I mean really? Now to be fair we will all wear our Seminole gear on Monday for the FSU season opener, but today was all about the blue and gold.

This afternoon we headed up to Mimi and Paw Paw's and met up with my friend Michelle and her family for an afternoon in the pool. Seriously, it is so hot and humid that the only thing to do is swim and drink beer. I mean, I guess the beer is optional, but whatever. I did however have an issue with drinking Sam Adams
OctoberFest while swimming. There's just something inherently wrong with that.

All of the kids had a blast and fell asleep in record time this evening. I'm fairly certain that I will be right  behind them. This has definitely been a great start to the holiday weekend and I hope yours is going just as well!

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