Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's With the Homework?

The kiddos are in their third week of kindergarten. I cannot believe it. There have definitely been some changes in our house since they started school.

Jillian has become quite the independent and strong-willed girl. Now, she has always been this way, but it seems to be in full force. Scott does not receive any hugs or kisses unless he begs. She also has to be frisked when she leaves the house. Twice she has brought a necklace with her to school (she was successful once).

Aaron is continuing in his independence, but he at least still gives us hugs and kisses. He's really coming into his own and I'm happy that he has a teacher that helps this blossom.

Both kids are really doing well in separate classes, which I knew they would. I love seeing their individual personalities developing.

What don't I love? The mounds of homework! Oh my goodness! Kindergarten is no joke. This is their first week of homework and they have 5 pages of sight words, writing and phonics, plus 10ish pages of math and an art project. It's a short week, too.

I'll just keep telling myself that they will be astrophysicists or something like because they are doing all of this homework. Right? Right...

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